Meraki Indoor Dual-band Omni Antenna, 5-port for MR42E

$511.78 (Ex. GST)

  • Antenna type: Omni
  • Frequency range: 2.400-2.500, 5.150-5.875 GHz
  • Gain (per antenna element): C5: 4.9 dBi (2.4) / 4.9 dBi (5)
  • Polarization: Linear, vertical/horizontal
  • MA-ANT-3-C5

The Panel Omni antenna is ideal for low ceiling aesthetic conscious installations where wall penetration or extended reach are important. Some example uses are low-density deployments like schools and hotels to provide basic low-performance connectivity. These types of best-effort deployments usually have APs installed in the hallway to cover adjacent rooms.

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